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Upward Bound

TRIO Upward Bound is a free program that supports low income, first generation high school students in Okanogan and Douglas counties in their preparation for entrance into college. The program started at WSU in 2004 and now serves 52 students from Omak and Okanogan high schools and 60 students from Bridgeport and Lake Roosevelt high schools each year. 

Program Services

Upward programs are free for students and funded by the U.S. Department Education and sponsored by WSU to help students prepare for and succeed in post-secondary education. 

Academic Assistance

  • Academic advising and tutoring services
  • Instruction in math, science, English and foreign language
  • SAT and ACT preparation
  • College and career exploration
  • Indvidualized support

Self Development & Enrichment

  • Leadership and personal growth conferences
  • Cultural enrichment activities and field trips
  • College campus tours
  • Educational success workshops
  • Community service opportunities

Educational & Personal Resources

  • Participation stipends
  • Assistance in applying to college
  • Financial aid and scholarship support
  • Laptop and printing access