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Upward Bound Okanogan County

Upward Bound - Oroville/Tonasket

UB Program

Civic Leadership Conference- Students travel to the state capitol to participate in a leadership conference with high schools from across the state.

Urban Plunge- Is a cultural and educational trip to Seattle for four nights during spring break. Students are given opportunities to explore the city and attend events that broaden their cultural experiences.

College Visits- Students are given opportunities to visit campuses to help them discover what type of school is a right fit for them. They are also given the chance to explore what fields of study those universities have to offer.

Workshops- We provide workshops that are focused on college readiness/life skills and exploration of college & career options as appropriate to student’s age. Workshops integrate group work, individual exploration & computer/internet aided instruction.

Bridge Program- Will be offered at WSU for graduating seniors who are enrolled in college for the fall. Students will enroll in the WSU summer session and will obtain work experience through placement in campus internships or summer work placements sponsored by the USDA/Agricultural Research Services.

Summer Workshops- Take place four weeks in Okanogan county and two weeks are spent at two different Universities in Washington during June and July. During this time we offer over 150 hours of high quality academic curriculum, services and activities for up to 25 UB students.

Community Service-Collaborative community events. Students respond to needs of the larger community while improving their social, planning, organizing and group skills.

Job Shadows- We help students gain access to shadow jobs that interest them. This gives them an up-close and personal experience with their potential future career, or it helps them decide that maybe this isn’t the career I thought I wanted before they get to college and begin studying that field.

One-on-one advising- Is available throughout the year. We have offices located directly in the school with an open door policy. Students can drop in when they have free time or set up a specific meeting for advising.

Tutoring/Study Table-Weekly open sessions offer study groups, online or personal instruction. One-on-one academic tutoring can also be arranged with a call or visit.